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Before deleting your account, please know that:

  • If you have an active subscription, please remember to cancel your subscription before deleting your account.

  • Any projects you have exported will remain in your Photos app. However, your projects will be deleted and cannot be restored. Please export your projects before you delete your account.

  • Currently, we are not able to restore your account. In other words, deleting your account is permanent.

To delete your account:


  1. Navigate to Profile and scroll to the bottom of the page

  2. Tap Delete Account


  1. Navigate to

  2. Sign in

  3. Click on Delete your account

Once your account has been deleted

It is not possible to recover your account. That said, your subscription is tied to your Apple ID, not your email or phone number. So, simply create a new account with a new sign up method and tap "Restore Subscription" on the top right. Your subscription will be transferred to your new log in method.

Important: When you delete your account, your projects will be erased. Please export them before deleting your account. It is not possible to recover your projects.

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