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To sign up for Captions:

  1. Go to the Captions App Store Listing

  2. Tap Download and Open the app

  3. Choose how you'd like to sign in (Eg., Google, Apple, etc.)

  4. Choose if you'd like a monthly or yearly subscription

There is currently only one subscription tier called "Pro." While we do not offer a free version of the app, we do offer a free trial when you first sign up.

To view pricing options, tap this link while on iOS.

To sign in to Captions:

  1. Download and open the app

  2. Sign in with the same method you used to sign in


  • If you do not see your subscription, please click here to learn more.

  • Please note that projects are not backed up, so they won't appear when you sign in from a new device or have logged out and in on the same device.

To sign in on multiple devices:

  1. Download the app on your new device

  2. Sign in with the same method you used to sign up with (Google, Apple, or Phone)

  3. Tap on "Restore Subscription"

Note: You must be signed in to both devices with the same Apple ID.

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