Export your video

How to download your video. Resolution, FPS, Bitrate.

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To export your project:

  1. Tap on Export on the top right

  2. Choose the export option

  3. Choose your settings

  4. Tap Export to Camera Roll

Your video will be added to your Photo Album.

Export without captions

  1. Tap Captions

  2. Tap Hide all

Can't export?

  • HDR button greyed out? You'll only see the option to download in HDR if your original video was created or uploaded in HDR.

  • Check if you have enough storage on your device

  • Try restarting your phone

  • Please check your settings to ensure you've enabled the correct permissions. On your device:

    • Open the Apple Settings App

    • Tap on Captions > Photos

    • Choose either: Selected Photos or All Photos.

Reminder: You can only export if you are on a trial or have an active subscription.

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