Manually add an image
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To add images automatically with AI, learn more about AI Images.

To add an image

  1. Tap on a word

  2. Tap Images

  3. Add an image from your camera roll, or a royalty-free image


  • Change the duration - Drag the slider left or right

  • Delete - Tap the delete button

  • Transition - Tap to select a transition

  • Reposition - Drag with your finger

  • Adjust size - Pinch in or out with two fingers

  • Rotate - Use two fingers to twist


  • Captions Aware - Your image will stay attached to your word

  • Freeform - Move the image anywhere on screen

  • Top Half - The image will take up the top half of your screen

  • Bottom Half - The image will take up the bottom half of your screen

  • Full Screen - The image will be full screen

A Ken Burns effect will be added for images

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