Style your captions

How to change the look and feel of your captions. Custom Fonts.

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To change the look and feel of your captions, tap on Style. You can choose from nearly a hundred presets, or tap Edit on any preset to fully customize and create your one-of-a-kind captions.

To create and save your styles:

  1. Tap on Style

  2. Tap the second icon in the menu

  3. Make your selections

  4. Tap the checkmark to save

Your new style will now appear in the Custom section.


Split words

How your captions will be split and displayed on screen.

  • Words per line - The number of words per line

  • Lines per page - The number of lines per page


Select the font for your captions and adjust font properties

  • Font - Choose your font or add a custom font

  • Alignment - How your words will be aligned on the screen

  • Attributes - Choose your letter spacing and height

  • Punctuation - Show or hide punctuation

Text decoration

  • Stroke - Edit the width and color of the text

  • Shadow - Size, color, and location

  • Active word background - Add or remove background and radius

  • Background transition - Style of the transition

  • Capitalization - Edit capitalization of the words


  • Target - Choose from page, line, or word

  • Randomize rotation - Rotate pages randomly

  • Active color - Change color of the target as it's spoken

Move, resize, and rotate

  • Move - Use one finger to drag your captions to the desired location

  • Resize - Use two fingers to pinch in or pinch out to decrease or increase the size of the captions

  • Rotate - Use two fingers and rotate to change the captions position

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