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Please note: This feature is in beta and should be considered experimental.


What is it and who is it for?

A faster way to add captions to your videos in bulk. This is meant for professional editors who add captions to and edit hundreds of videos per week.

How does it work?

The setup takes about 5 minutes:

Once setup is complete, simply upload videos to the input folder, and they'll automatically get captioned and added to the output folder.

What can it do?

Captions can be added to:

  • Videos up to 5 minutes long

  • Videos in English

  • Vertical videos only (horizontal videos will be rescaled to vertical)

How can I give feedback or get help?

Please join our Discord and share your thoughts in the #zapier-beta-testing channel.


I. Captions App

Goal: Design your desired captions style and color (your template) and retrieve your API key for later use.

Step 1 - Create your Captions

  • Open the Captions app on your iPhone

  • Import a sample video and add Captions in English

  • Edit how you'd like your Captions to look

  • Tap Close and Save

Step 2 - Create your Template

  • On the Projects page, tap on the 3 dots to the right of your project

  • Tap Prepare Template with Zapier

  • Create a name for your template.

Step 3 - Retrieve your API Key

  • Tap on Profile

  • Tap API Key

  • Copy your API Key

II. Google Drive

Goal: Create create your input and output folders in Google Drive and upload a sample video to test the automation.

Step 4 - Set up Google Drive

  • Navigate to the Drive and location you'd like to set up your folder

  • Create a folder named "Captions"

  • Within the folder, create two child folders named "Input" and "Output"

  • Upload a sample video inside of the "Input" folder

III. Zapier

Goal: Set up the rules to power your automation. This includes:

  • Drive - Check for newly added videos in your input folder.

  • Captions - Add captions with your desired template applied.

  • Drive - Upload the recently captioned videos into your output folder.

  • Gmail - Send an email when the captioned videos have been uploaded to Drive.

Step 5 - Create a Zapier Account

  • On a computer, visit

  • Create an account or sign in

  • Go to Zaps and create a new Zap

  • Create a name for your Zap.

Step 6 - Create Trigger

  • App & event

    • App: Google Drive

    • Event: New File in Folder

  • Account: Connect your account

  • Trigger

    • Drive: Choose your Drive

    • Folder: Choose your folder named "Input"

  • Test: Perform a test. You should see "We found records in your Google Drive account..." Click Continue with selected record

Step 7 - Add Captions Action

  • App & event

    • App: Search for and choose Captions

    • Event: Add Captions

  • Account: Enter in your API key (from Step 3)

  • Action:

    • Template: Choose the template you'd like to use

    • Video Title: Choose Title (Drive)

    • Video: File (Drive)

    • Video Extension: File Extension (Drive)

  • Test: Perform a test.

⚠️ Zapier will ask to publish your Zap. Please dismiss and continue. ⚠️

Step 8 - Add Drive Action

  • Click on the + button to add a new action

  • App & event

    • App: Google Drive

    • Event: Upload File

  • Account: Authenticate your account (it should already be connected)

  • Action:

    • Drive: Choose your Drive

    • Folder: Choose your folder named "Output"

    • File: File (Captions)

    • Convert to Document: False

    • File Name: File Name (Captions)

    • File Extension: File Extension (Captions)

  • Test: Perform a test.

⚠️ If your test fails, you can Skip Test ⚠️

Step 9 - Add Gmail Action

Note: This step is optional, but we recommend setting up a notification method to notify you that the captioned videos are in your output folder. Alternatively, you can set up Zapier to be notified via Outlook, SMS, Slack, etc.

Step 10 - Publish

Finally, click Publish to set this automation live!

Congrats, set up is complete! To automatically add captions to your videos, simply import a video into the "Input" folder. Zapier will will check for new videos, apply captions, and upload the captioned videos into your output folder. Lastly, Gmail will notify you when it is complete. Additionally, you can view your videos in the Captions app in Profile > Exports.


Can I use Dropbox or another app other than Google Drive?

We recommend using Google Drive. Note, Dropbox has a file size limit of 120MB.

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