• Shots: AI will automatically detect shot changes so that you can easily add images.




  • Voice Clone in AI Voiceover: Record a one minute sample and use your own voice as a voiceover. Learn more about Voiceover.

  • Localization in 22 new languages: The Captions app is now available in over 30 languages. Learn more about changing the language of your app.

  • Magic Editor: To help cut down on editing time (and let AI do the work), youll have more control over how individual Sounds, Zooms, and Media are added to your project. Learn more about Sounds, Zooms, and Media.

  • Video Overlay (Picture in Picture): One of our top feature requests was to be able to import videos to overlay inside your project. Hello: Reaction videos! Learn more about AI Media.

  • New Transitions: Weve added 8 new and fun transitions! Learn more about transitions.

  • Word/Phrase View: As a Captions-first app, were thinking of ways to make editing your captions even easier. Now when you tap on a word, you can choose between viewing the individual word or entire phrases.

  • Current time on the timeline: A long time coming, now view your current time in your video with a timestamp.


  • Manual Text: Add text (other than captions) to your video. Learn more.

  • Insert Clip & Merge Clips: Need to add a clip to the beginning, middle, or end of your video? Now you can. Note: Captions wont be added automatically, but you can easily add your own. You can now also merge two clips to become one.

  • AI Emphasis/Emojis moved to the Style section: As AI Emphasis and AI Emojis control how captions appear, weve added it to the Style section to free up space on the bottom navigation.

  • Improved multi-select imports: When importing multiple clips, tap the multi-select icon to save some time.

  • Media in Timeline: When you tap on Media, you can now view all images, videos, and GIFs on a single timeline, allowing for easier adding, editing, and deleting.

  • Emojis in word timeline: View emojis inside each word on the timeline editor

  • Easier editing of timing: Youll notice 6 dots on the beginning of each segment to allow for easier dragging.


  • Undo/Redo: Our #1 feature request for months… Easily undo and redo every action you take within the editor!

  • Sounds added to bottom navigation: To make adding sounds easier to find and manage, Sounds have been added to the bottom navigation.

  • New Styles added: We added over 10 new styles and now have over 75

  • Delete custom templates: Is your custom template list getting too long? Now you can delete ones you dont use anymore.


  • Keyframes: One of our top feature requests… rather than having a single location for all captions, now you can adjust the location and size of captions throughout your video.

  • Advanced Line Breaks: Tap on a word to get more control on how the individual word appears in relation to the one before it.

  • Timeline improvements: The timeline has been slightly updated to be clear and there are now next/previous buttons to quickly move between phrases.



  • Ken burns effect: When adding images, a Ken Burns effect will be added if the image is larger than the viewable area.

  • Constraints: When moving captions, the position will be locked in relation to the project. For example, if you switch a project from 16:9 to 1:1, the same position will be locked.



  • AI Music: Add a royalty-free, AI-generated track to your project.

  • AI Denoise: Cut through the noise by muting background noise and echoes

  • Transitions: Add transitions to your project








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