Apply colors to elements on your video:

  • Text Color - Standard color for all captions
  • Emphasis Color - Standalone words that have “emphasize” applied
  • Active Word Color - As your word is spoken, apply an alternate color
  • Active Word Background - As your word is spoken, apply a background to the individual word
  • Captions Background - Apply a background color to the entire caption area. Additionally, adjust the padding and border radius
  • AI Color Scheme - Let AI help set the colors for your project.
  • Stroke - Adjust the thickness of the border of the captions
  • Shadow - Adjust the shadow around your captions


Automatically add emojis to keywords in your video

  • Size - Choose the size of the emojis
  • Timing - Choose when emojis will appear on your captions
  • Position - Adjust the position and location of emojis

AI Emphasis

Automatically add text effects to words. Advanced Options - Choose if you’d like words to be underlined, emphasized, and/or supersized

Split Words

Select how you would like lines of captions to be split for display

  • Words per line - Choose how many words will appear on a single line
  • Lines per page - Choose how many lines will appear per page


Choose the font for all of your captions.

  • Custom Fonts - Scroll to the right to add a custom font. Learn how to add a custom font to your device.
  • Alignment - Choose how to align your text
  • Autofit - When enabled, all of your captions will appear as the same size. Please disable AI Emphasis to ensure all captions appear as the same size.
  • Attributes - Adjust spacing and line height
  • Capitalization - Override the capitalization of the captions. Note: Not available for all templates
  • Punctuation - Toggle to enable or disable hiding punctuation


Select how transitions are applied to your captions

  • Active word background transitions - Adjust the transition of the active word
  • Captions transitions - Adjust the transition of the captions
  • Target - Adjust how many captions appear at once
  • Auto movement - When applied, captions will move position
  • Auto scale - When applied, captions will scale larger and smaller
  • Randomize rotation - Rotate captions randomly


Use an existing template

  1. Tap Templates
  2. Browse and choose from the existing list of templates

You can make further customizations by tapping on Style.

Create a custom template

  1. Tap Style and make any adjustment to how you’d like your captions to appear
  2. Once you’re happy with how they look, tap Templates
  3. Tap Custom > New Template

Once your template has been created, tap on the pencil icon to rename it or tap the trash can to delete it.