• AI Ads: Additional controls, and languages.


  • AI Ads: Now available to Max subscribers. Generate UGC-ads in just a few clicks.

  • AI Shorts is now available! Upload your video or paste a YouTube link to convert long-form to short-form videos.


  • Sign in with Microsoft: Now you can sign up or sign in with your Microsoft account. This includes Outlook.com, live.com, and your custom domain if your employer uses Microsoft Outlook for email.

  • Resize your project: Choose from 16:9, 9:16, or 1:1. Also, toggle between “fit” and “fill.”


  • Empasize/Supersize Global Button: Enable or disable emphasize or supersize for the entier project

  • Shots: AI will automatically detect shot changes so that you can easily add images.

  • Images: Add images from your computer to your project.

  • Denoise: Denoise Audio to reduce echos and boost spoken word.

  • Transitions: Add transitions to your project with a few clicks.


  • Eye Contact: You can now add emojis to individual words. More emojis coming soon!

  • Stroke & Shadow: Adjust the stroke and shadow within styles.

  • Add Emojis: You can now add emojis to individual words. More emojis coming soon!

  • Search templates: With over 75 templates, we’ve added a search to make finding and selecting your template even faster.

  • Add & Delete words: Simply click the Add or Delete icon.

  • Profile & Support: Click on the top right of the app to view your profile, sign in method, and subscription. Additionally, select the Help tab to read articles or submit a feature request.

  • Redesign: We completely redesigned and refreshed the app to be more intuitive and more beautiful.



  • Line breaks: Now you can customize line breaks per individual word.

  • Hide captions: If you want to export without captions, simply click on the *Hide button.

  • More templates: We’ve added a dozen more templates!

  • Sound wave below timeline: Below the bottom navigation, you can now view an audio file to help understand where there are pauses and when people are speaking.




  • Desktop app released in beta: We’re excited to announce that our desktop app is now officially available for download and access in beta.