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The Mac app is currently available in "Open Beta." A few important things to know:

  • Sign In - Sign in with Google or Apple (we don't support phone login at this time).

  • Updates - We'll be releasing updates weekly and you'll be notified in-app of updates whenever a new version is available.

  • Pricing - While you'll need to sign in, we won't be checking for a subscription. This means that the app is free and will continue to be free while in beta. Once the app is out of beta, you will be able to use a single paid subscription for all platforms.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Gestures


  • Spacebar : Play / Pause

  • Return : Edit spelling of selected word

  • ← : Move one word left

  • → : Move one word right

  • S: Supersize

  • E: Emphasize

  • Horizontal two finger scroll (trackpad) : Scrub video

In Split Mode

  • Go-to next clip: Ctrl + Down / Cmd Down

  • Go-to previous clip: Ctrl + Up / Cmd Up

  • Delete current clip: Delete / Backspace

  • Split Clip at playhead: Ctrl + K / Cmd + K


Will you be adding "X" feature that exists on iPhone?

Most likely, yes! As this is a beta, we're rolling out new updates constantly. We're building the core features and will continue to add the features you love on iPhone.

How should I give feedback or report a bug?

If you haven't already, please join our Discord and add your feedback to the #mac-app channel.

I'm having issues with my update, what should I do.

Ensure you drag the Captions app into your "Applications" folder on your Finder. Then, reopen the app.

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